February 08, 2007

My New Cake Decorating Project

After my daughter's birthday party,quite a few of my friends wanted to learn how to make the cake that I had baked for my daughter.So today I was busy with that and I taught my friends how to make the cake.My friend Ruchi wanted me to decorate the cake as well,so that is what I did this evening.here is the cake I decorated today:I was not entirely satisfied though,because the writing got a little irregular.But I am learning...

The only difference is that for both my daughter's birthday cake as well as this cake ,I used margarine instead of butter.This cake was baked in a 9 inch square pan and I increased the proportions too.This is quite an easy and versatile recipe which can be adapted to any flavour.Here are the proportions I used today:

25o gms of self rising flour

250 gms of margarine

250 gms of sugar

5 eggs

1/2 tbsp vanilla essence/extract.

The original recipe for the cake ,mixing method and the temperature for baking the cake can be found HERE.


Nidhi said...

Great looking cake Vini... You are a learner and I know you will master it. Keep your hopes up, always.. you are doing a wonderful job and you will definitely be successful in it one day.
Your friend, Nidhi.

Nidhi said...

Great looking cake Vini... You are a learner and I know you will master it. Keep your hopes up, always.. you are doing a wonderful job and you will definitely be successful in it one day.
Your friend, Nidhi.

USHA said...

Hi vini,

Cake looks simple and sweet,so i think ananya is celebrating her b'day. still..

So nice you for sharing your cake with us,took pain to teach your friend too...

Asha said...

Looks great ViniK!You are getting busier and busier!!Enjoy.

Sandeepa said...

Great attempt Vini
I am totally dumb at decorating cakes, how did you do this ?
Maybe you should take pics while you are doing it, so that dumbos like me can learn :) But I don't think I have the patience

Pooja said...

Hi Vini,
such a lovely cake. you make it so nicely...
seems like you and nidhi have decided to kill me by showing your yummy cakes here.... I want some now... :( .

thanks for sharing, may be some day i will also do good with cooking cakes.

Vini K said...

Hi Nidhi,

Thank you for your words dear.It really lifts me up.I am trying hard but with a 3 yr old running around with a heavy cold,I can't get many things done at a time!How I wish I had learnt cake decorating while Ananya was still not born..:)

Hi Usha,actually this one for my friend's hubby's birthday.But my hubby and kid are already wanting more!

Hi Asha,call it my latest passion!:D I have always been crazy about baking and decorating but since I have no art at all(the only thing I ever drew and painted was a red hibiscus flower for art class when I was 12 yrs old-still my best piece of art to date hee hee),I thought I could never do cake decorating..but once I started,it has been good going until now!:)

Hi Sandeepa,will definitely post pictures this time.actually I thought of doing it yesterday itself but all friends were only looking at how I was icing and in no mood to take pictures.anyway this intricate work requires a good amount of patience to take pictures as well.so will try definitely in future.:)

Hi Pooja,I know you don;t eat eggs,so for you there are all the eggless cakes to try.Once yo have baked the cake,icing is all vegetarian,especially the one I use,which is buttercream icing.since you are also moving to US,do join a cake decorating course if possible..I learned about wilton classes a bit too late-after we had moved from US..so now I am trying to make the best of the situation by learning on my own with help from internet.Particularly the forum at Baking911.The link is in my page with the name Sarah Philips.if you get the time,go through it.amazing site!:)don't worry you will soon get the hang of it,being the creative girl you are!

Coffee said...

My goodness!!!!!This is so cute!!!! You are on a caake making spree!!!!! Awesome girl!!!! I am tempted to make one now :)

Sia's corner said...

thats so sweet of u to teach ur friends how to bake cake and decorate. it shows ur humbleness dear. mind u, not everyone will be ready to share these trics with others and thats why u are so unique:)
great going girl... good luck with ur new passion:) will look forward to learn many things from u:)

Linda said...

This was a great attempt for sure and the best part being that you baked your daughter's birthday cake and even helped your frens learn that...awesome...thanx for sharing the recipe too!! Cheers!! Do peep into my blog and send some quick wishes to your near and dear ones on the blogland!!

Trupti said...

Thanks so much Vini...and like the others have said, keep sharing your enthusiasm for baking with all of us, there's so much to learn from one another.
Thanks for your kind words about me that you left on my blog...

have a great weekend,

Linda said...

Hi Vini,

Another beautiful cake!! Looks really great :)

Mallugirl said...

i just came from nidhi's site nad cakes here too. is there a cake mela going on? lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

awwww Ben...wonderful....i am hopeless at cakes and stuff...yours look great....send me some sometime...~grin~

Seema said...

Wow vini,
You are great with cake decoration. Loved your decoration on this cake as well and your friends are really lucky to have such a talented gal like you who even spends her time and energy to teach them all how to get such beautiful cakes.
Thanx for sharing

Vini K said...

Coffee:Thank you so much dear!go ahead,bake a cake-what are you waiting for?:-)

Sups:Thakns for your sweet words,dear.:)Comments like yours really encourage me to do more!

Trupti:Thank you dear, and you are welcome any time.:)I love sharing what I know so keep visiting!

Linda:Thanks,my dear:)

Mallugirl:I guess even though christmas is long gone,the baking spirit refuses to leave:D

Dilip Bhai:Thank you so much,Dilip bhai!

Seema:Thank you so much my dear.At one time I wished there was someone who could teach me such things,you know..which is why I am ready to share what I know because who knows,I may be helping those who are passionate about learning to bake and even arouse the interest of those who have never baked!:DThanks for your sweet words,dearie!

Chandrika said...


Both the cakes look lovely! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice post.