October 21, 2007


Hello Dear friends,

Wish you all a Very Happy Dussehra!Dussehra being the festival of Good destroying the Evil,I am glad to say that it has certainly had a positive effect on my health.I am now feeling much better.
Well friends,I would like to invite you all to partake of the Naivedyam(offering to the Mother Goddess)which I prepared today.It consists of Garelu(Deep fried lentil patties),Pongali(sweet pudding made of rice and yellow mung lentils with milk,ghee and jaggery) and Daddojanam(Curd rice,seasoned with mustard,ginger,asafoetida,salt,red chillies, and fresh chopped coriander.


October 09, 2007

I am Back,friends

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your concerns about me.I had a really busy but good vacation this time.I stayed in India for 6 weeks and came back to London on Sept 17th.My little lady started her nursery school from Sept 20th.I have not been feeling very well since I came back.Low haemoglobin levels have forced me to take things a bit slower from now on.I will start blogging again from next week onwards.Meanwhile I am just taking the time to rest and catch up with my daughter's new school routine.

I am going to start clicking pictures and writing drafts from this week so maybe next week I will have something up for you to read and enjoy.


Vini K