February 14, 2007

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!Some tears,some Tiramisu and some chocolate mousse,And- loads of kisses for my little one!

Happy Valentines day To you all,dear friends.I hope you all had a nice and memorable time with
your valentine.

I was making plans to celebrate this special day when yesterday, my little one fell and had a head injury.She required some stitches and I was in no mood to go ahead with the celebrations.The way she cried and the injury she got,put me off of everything else.Fortunately for me and her,she slept well last night and played as usual today.

Looking at her bubbly and cheerful self made me think that she deserves a special treat for the sweet one she has been.She amazed me yesterday by not crying even once when the doctor was putting the sutures on her scalp.She proved the doctor wrong!That's my brave little girl!

So to make her feel special and loved even more,I made a special dessert for her which she loves-Chocolate mousse with grated chocolate on top.

And for my Valentine,my dearest Hubby V,I made Tiramisu.

I also decided to send this as my entry to Trupti's Little Chefs in the Kitchen series.Here is my little one helping me mix the cheese for the Tiramisu:
I will be updating my blog with the recipe for Tiramisu very soon but for now,enjoy the photos!

This is also my entry to Pooja's Valentines special.


TS said...

Vini: I hope Ananya is allright now, It is so scary isn't it? But these kids...they really are something...so nice of you to treat her like that.
This is a great entry, thanks so much!

Take care and a big hug from me to Ananya for the event!


Mythreyee said...

Happy Valentines day. What a lovely recipe. The presentation is superb.

Asha said...

Aw..!! Hope she is alright now and with lot less pain.Little girls are tough unlike boys! Believe me,I know!!Lot of kisses will set everything right!:))
Tiramisu looks fabulous,great treat for V'day!Enjoy.

Sandeepa said...

How is ananya ? Oh my god, stiches and all scary !!!
You are a brave mom and a sweet one too to do all this inspite of all that you went through
Looks very good too

Sangeeta said...

Hi Vini,

I hope Ananya is doing fine now. Kids are very resilient, but a head injury is always scary. Sending lots of hugs for her.
The chocolate mousse and tiramisu look absolutely yummylicious. :)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hoo ..this looks devine.And those little hands are so cute This is a very good post for trupthi's event.HAppy valentine's day to you too.

Pooja said...

hi Vini,
thanks for such a lovely loking entry !
I can Imagine how much disturbing it was for you when Ananya get injured. Just by reading your post , I feel like remebering the major accident I had when I was in 6th std. I also had some stiches on my head and other part of face that time.
its nice to know that Ananya is back in her mood, so sweet and brave of her.
thanks for participating with the help of ananya, a tight hug to Ananya to get recovered soon .
take care

Linda said...

Hi Vini, I know how scary that can be -- I'm sure she was very brave and you as well :) Glad to hear all's better now. Your desserts look lovely :)

Sia's corner said...

oh god!!! i would have fainted right there... u r brave too...
glad to know ananya is back to swing:) look at those cute hands. kisses and hugs to ur little doll.
and gr8 looking dish. lovely entry for v-day:)

Coffee said...

Thats a wonderful treat, from a wonderful monther to an even more wonderful daughter!!!!! :)

I hope she is doing fine now :)

USHA said...

Hi Vini,

I hope kid is feeling better now, take care of her...

Both the deserts looks great....amazing entry for the both the Events....

Maheswari said...

Vini, hope your lil one is feeling fine now.6 stitches..thats is BRAVE LITTLE GIRL.Mousse and tiramisu looks great and good entry for both the events.Waiting for the recipe..

Seema said...

Oh my god. Hope Ananya is better now and Vini you are brave too. And she must have been considering you the worlds best mommy for making such beautiful dessert for her. Isn't it. Tiramasu looks gorgeous too

sailaja said...

I should say that both of you are very brave. I'm so glad that she slept well and I hope she is absolutely fine now. Take care.

Those are great looking desserts, Vini.

shilpa said...

Ohh I am so sorry to know about your cutie pie daughter. I hope she will be fine soon. You have an amazing art dear, your valentine's special looks beautiful. Chocolate mousse looks very good.

swapna said...

hi vini
it is very nice to see u back these days..how is aneena now?
loved the decoration..:-))very nice.aneena also became big..helping hands..so cute..hee hee

prasu said...

Hi Vini ,
i came across ur site thats really amazing , i was looking at ananyas birthday cakes those are really nice , pictures are really tempting but i couldnt find the recipie would u plz upload the recipies as well ... awaiting for ur response and also waiting for ur recipie on valentines day

Anonymous said...

Hi vini ,
its really a nice site , i was looking at ur ananyas birthday cakes those are really nice , but couldnt find a recipie for those cakes , can u please upload the recipie and also the valentines day cake is also tempting if u can upload ur recipie that would be great !!!

Vini K said...

Trupti:She is doing fine now but yes,it was too scary.I was almost trembling when I first saw her wound!

Mythreyee:Thank you dear.

Asha:Thank you so much,my dear.You are right:girls are stronger!and they do get well soon!

Sandeepa:Thank you so much,dear friend:she is doing much better.Actually I broke down before the doctor could see her,but she did not cry at all when we went to the doctor,so it looks like she is stronger than me!:))

Sangeeta:Yes,head injuries are always scary..I myself had a cut like that on my scalp and had to have stiches too,when I was about 6 yrs old.she is doing fine now,thank you dear.

Soumya:Thank you dear.

Pooja,Linda,Supriya:It was really scary the moment I saw her cut,but soon as I saw teh doctor,I was relieved.Thank you dears for all the hugs and kisses.

Coffee:Thanks a lot,dear.

Usha:She is doing well now,playing normally.I am more careful now!Thanks dear!

Maheswari:Thank you dear.Will post the recipe soon.just need to take a few more pictures.

Seema:thanks for the sweet words,my dear.

Sailaja:Thank you so much Sailaja.I just held myself together because I know god is always there for me.My friend was there to supprot me so that was great!

Shilpa:she is doing fine now.Thank you for your compliment,dear.I am blushing here!:)

Swapna:yes,it is nice to be back with you all here.Thank you..she has grown up :)

Prasu and Anon:I don't know if you both are same but if not,please excuse me.Welcome to my blog.I shall post the recipe for tiramisu very soon.The cake recipe I used is already in my blog.You can find the link at the end of this page:


Otherwise see this link:


If you need anymore help,please donot hesitate to write.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vini,
Just saw your blog and found out that Ananya was injured badly. I am sorry to hear this.
It is good to know that she slept at night and amazingly you made a lovely recipe for her. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.


Vini K said...

Sarada:yes,she was injured and I was scared but she is well now.Thank you.

bhargavi said...

I hope Ananya is alright now.
Nice helping hands!!
Love to Ananya.

Anjali said...

Hugs to Ananya. Tell her she is a big brave girl says me. The sneak peek was good both of recipe and the kid.

Hema said...

Lovely recipe. Hope Ananya is fine now. Brave little girl indeed! and look at her whipping up the cheese. Cute!

Chandrika said...

Oh my! Thank god the injury was not serious..Hope Ananya is feeling better now..Poor darling! My hugs to her! The tiramisu looks yummy!

Divya Vikram said...

Hi Vini..
nice meeting u have..
ur pictures are really too good..they look very delicious..will surely give them a try..