February 05, 2007


Hello dear friends,

I am back!We had a grand party yesterday.It was a lunch party.Ananya loved the cake and was very very eager to open her gifts as well.She has got beautiful gifts from all of her friends here.The party went well and everyone enjoyed the food.

I had prepared Coconut rice ,Navratan Korma,Sambar,Bobbatlu(Puran poli),Curry puffs and DahiVada.My friend Mahua made my work easier by taking on the task of making PalakPaneer(and might I add,she makes the best palak paneer I have ever tasted).There were a total of 25 guests and 9 kids.

All of my friends pitched in to help me while I was making the preparations for the party.Some helped in decorating the room while others helped me while I was preparing the vadas for the Dahi Vada.One of my friends helped me make the coconut rice,so all in all,it was a great time we had together.

I am thankful to all of my friends who helped me.Here are some pictures of the food:

Cupcakes for the kids:
The Party Platter:

Clockwise in the bigger plate:Coconut rice,Curry puffs,Navratan Korma and Palak Paneer.

Clockwise in the smaller bowls:Sambar,Puran Poli,Cake,Dahi Vadas.

The Birthday Cake was a Strawberry,Vanilla and Chocolate layer cake sandwiched with a thin layer of buttercream and iced with buttercream flavoured with a strawberry extract and a few drops of red food colouring to give it a nice pink.I could not take a better picture of the cake,as you all know how it is with a nervous birthday girl surrounded by her friends all eager to get the cake cutting underway and having the cake.I am hoping some of my friends might have a better picture of the cake so as soon as I get a nicer picture,I shall post it here.And of course,there was the ubiquitous Coke and the Fanta.

I made the cupcakes for the kids as most were about 2 or 3 yrs of age.I tried a little experiment by making three layer cupcakes, and thankfully,they came out well.One of my friends told me that even though they are for kids,they were great.I guess,all Mums might have had a taste of the cupcakes too.You all know,that kids are interested in cake so long as there is cream, and the leftover is always for Mom to finish off!

I am glad that the party was a success and we all had a good time together.I was very very tired at the end of the day,but the best thing was that my friend Deepa brought us some freshly made hot coffee in the evening when all the guests had departed.It freshened us up a bit but most importantly,made me realise that life is no good without the affection of loved ones.I will remember this party to the end of my life because not only did I cook for 25 people,but also without all the help from my friends,I would never have been able to do it.Through out the week when I was busy shopping for the party(the veggies,disposables,gifts for kids)I would leave my daughter with my friends and they took care of her for me for a few hours every day.Even on the day of the party,I left my daughter at my friend Deepa's place until I had finished some preliminary work.I cannot tell you how blessed I feel I am to have such good hearted friends.And I am glad to have you all too,to read your wishes and comments for Ananya and appreciation for me makes me feel so proud.Your comments on the heart shaped cake I made for Ananya boosted my confidence a lot and this time,even though I made 3 layers and larger amounts of the cake,it was literally a breeze.Thank you All of You,for being with me all the time!God Bless you all and keep you happy.


Seema said...

How beautiful!!!I wish I was also invited to the party (just kidding) Loved your menu as well. Curry puffs looks delicious along with the cake, cup cakes, navarathan kurma. God I am just hungry looking at your platter.

swapna said...

hi vini
loved the table with all those mouth watering things..
missed..pack me ..and send here.
post a picture of the decoration too..(just my idea)if u feel ok..
so aneena has a good time..good

Asha said...

Welcome back! Nice to know about the party Vini.You do have great bunch of friends!and that platter looks fabulous.I bet Ananya enjoyed her special day!:))

Sarada said...

Hi Vini,

Your cup cakes are cool. ( No wonder everyone loved them). Nice to read about your party and the excellent dishes you prepared.
Please give the detailed preparation of Navratan Korma next time on your blog.

Sarada (U.S.A.)

Coffee said...

You didn't invite :(
hehe... just kidding :) I can you you guys had a lovely time!!!! With such friends around..... making for a big party can become a breeze!!! :) I like your enthusiasm there. :)

Linda said...

Hi Vini, it was so nice to read your post about the party and all that goes into it -- you could print that post off to save and show your daughter someday when she's older -- she might like to read! I do things like that sometimes, for my daughter -- she had her 15th b'day today. Our parties aren't so large now she's older. :)

All the food looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

Sia's corner said...

wow vani... u a one enthu mom:) u manged to cook so many items for so many people. glad to know u had good time. isn't it wonderful to have such celebrations when u r surrounded by ur loved ones and well wishers. save all ur posts for ur daughter. i am sure she will love to read them all when she grows:)
u take care and good night's sleep... then come back with all recipes...

Vini K said...

Seema,Swapna,Asha:Thank you for your kind words.

Sarada:I felt really happy that you left your comment here.I will definitely post the recipe of Navratan korma soon.

Coffee:I wish I could invite you all to the party too..if only there was a way to transcend physical barriers through internet!:)

Linda:What a great idea!I will definitely take a printout of this page and keep it for Ananya to read later.well,kids do grow up so fast,don't they?Sometimes I wish children would not grow so fast..:)

Supriya:Thank you dear.I will definitely save this post for her to read later on.I was really touched by your concern.Thank you again dear,for being such a good friend.:)Will post the recipes soon.

Trupti said...

Hi Vini....so nice to read about your daughter's party and your friends too! Ananya must have had a blast, lots of hugs to her....! Do post the recipes when you have the time!

Hema said...

Hi Vini! A very very happy birthday to Ananya. My first time at your blog and I love it. You sure had arranged a great party. Guess what? My little one's name is Ananya too and she will be 2 in a couple months.

Sandeepa said...

Hi Vini
I had left a comment as soon as I saw the post, seems did not get through

It was so nice to hear that you had such a great party, I love planning for my daughter's party, makes me nervous but lotsa fun
You're friends are very nice too.
Bet Ananya was feeling very important that day :)
The cake and the food looks great

Vini K said...

Trupti:Oh yes,she had a great time with all her friends..will definitely post the recipes soon as I can..I am still cleaning up after the party(All the packaging from the gifts etc you know:))

Hema:Welcome to my blog!Thank you for the wishes.So another Ananya waiting for her birthday,huh?hope you too have loads of fun.Keep in touch..Will blogroll you too.:)

Hi Sandeepa,I guess blogger ate up the comment.I tell you what,the night before the party,I was all nervous and jittery..but thanks to all of you and to my friends her,I soon got over it.yes,Ananya was feeling very important that day!she had a great time too.:)

USHA said...

Hi Vini,

What a lovely post!!!your writting was very live,as i read line by line,scene by scene is going on in my mind.
I'm sure everyone would have enjoyed the party.Items are looking cool,cupcake should be a big hit...it looks cute as kids..