March 08, 2007


Friday night dinners are always special for us.It is our little celebration:That we can sleep a little late the following morning,and that I don't have to wake up early to pack Hubby V's lunch.Normally Ananya does not sleep long after I have woken up so Saturday and Sunday mornings are tension free for me because then I do not have to worry about having to cook with her in my hands (yes,she is 3 yrs old now and still wants to be picked up and cuddled for at least 10 mins after she wakes up) .So as usual this last Friday I was worrying over what to make:Worrying because I had been busy all day with different chores,went to visit friends because Ananya insisted on playing with her friends, and had little time left to actually plan what to make.Then came the final blow(well,sort of):Hubby V wanted Pav Bhaji!Now I do make bread and pavs often but using active dry yeast would push our dinner time to 10 pm!Then memory came to my rescue:I remembered having bought a pack of instant yeast,so the only thing to do was to search for a recipe which would make a good pav/bun.

I found it HERE

The only thing I did was to to shape the buns as usual,not the way mentioned in the recipe.The result was an incredibly soft bun.Very tasty when eaten warm from the oven.

Added on 9th March:I did not use the egg glaze suggested in the recipe.Instead,I just brushed the buns with some soft butter.Ghee can also be used.Only thing is to brush it with ghee/butter as soon as you take it out of the oven.

The Bhaji was not a difficult task.I had chopped some carrots and tomatoes earlier in the week.I looked into my freezer and found frozen peas,and viola!the bhaji came together:

Ingredients:1 cup chopped carrots

1 cup green peas(frozen or fresh)

1 cup chopped potato

1 big onion(about 3/4 cup)chopped

1 cup chopped tomato

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 tsp grated fresh garlic

3-4 green chillies

2 tsp Pav Bhaji masala

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Method:Boil the vegetables in a pressure cooker.If you have a microwave steamer,all the better and faster.

Heat oil in a pan and add the ginger and garlic.Fry till they turn light brown.Add onions and chopped green chillies.Let fry till onion is pinkish in colour, and turns translucent.Add the chopped tomatoes.mix well,cover and cook till tomatoes are soft.

Add the pav bhaji masala to the tomatoes and mix well.Now add the boiled vegetables to the mix and keep mashing the vegetables using a ladle.The mix should be nice and mushy.If you have steamed your veggies in the microwave,you will need to add 1 cup water to the bhaji to make it to a thick gravy type consistency.

Once you have mashed the veggies,you do not need to cook the curry for long-just about 5 mins.Take it off the heat and add juice of half a lemon and chopped coriander,mix well and cover till ready to serve.

Preparing the Pavs:Slice the pavs into to using a bread knife or any serrated knife.Apply a thin layer of margarine(better than butter health wise)and toast the buns on a hot griddle until the pavs turn light brown.Serve the buns with the hot pav.


indosungod said...

Vinik looks good. You made the bread also? A dish that makes you feel warm and cozy.

Asha said...

Looks great V!My fav chaat.I use MDH Pav bhaji masala and buy the rolls!;D

Paddukoti said...

woh!!! vini!!
wonderful pav bhaji!!!1
how u can you resist that????
woh!!!anything left for me???

bee ( said...

those buns look gorgeous.

USHA said...

Hi Vini,

What a suprise.....Just this week got all the ingredients needed for pava bhaji...I got masala, prepare for this weekend.

I'm going to prepare for the first time, though had manytime out.You have posted here,i suprised to see the homemade pav...very perfect..

Sandeepa said...

What are you Vini, a super Mom ? You baked the pavs too ? Wow that's agreat job I think

KrishnaArjuna said...

Believe it or not, it was just yesterday that the thought of making pav bhaji crossed my mind and now I see it on your blog. A message perhaps?

Pav bhaji looks scruptious.

Anonymous said...


Off all the things in ur blog, the pinky pinky rose keeps me lively and so pretty...I jus love it!! Jus wanted to let u know...not to publish...That really brings a sweet nostalgia.....thanks for putting it there! said...

Hey Vini,

Gonna try your bun recipe out next time we make pav bhaji. One of my fav foods, especially for parties.


Sumitha said...

Vini you need a pat on your back for making the Pav from scratch even when u were short of time!

Sia's corner said...

homemade buns vini? u r too good with ur baking. i donno when i will start baking them:)
pav bhaji rules indian chat market:) looks delicious...

Hema said...

The pav looks amazing! Got ot try it! Bhaji looks good too. I like to add some eggplants too. Interesting how our daughters have the same name and our husbands' names start with a V!

swapna said...

Hi vini
we have lot to learn from u..u prepared the buns too!!great vini..i think u have prepared the buns before also..roight?
i love this dish vini.every time i bought the pavs and will make the curry.the curry is looking yummy!!!
by the way have a look at my other blog.u have a surprise over there..:-D don't be afraid and don't laugh..

shilpa said...

You made pav at home??? that too when u have a baby to take care of?? you are simply great. I always bought them from store. I will definitely try to make them nest time. Thanks dear. Pav bhaji is my all time fav snack. I love to eat it any time, breakfast/lunch/dinner. It is just out of the world.

Shival said...


Making buns at home seems fun.. The only thing I find restricted FOR ME is the egg glaze.. Is there any vegeterian alternative for that, while making buns?


Vini K said...

ISG:yes,the smell of baking bread really gives a lot of comfort,which I did not know until I started baking bread at home:)

Asha:yes,I use MDH masala too, and used to buy buns before but now I am hooked on to these home made buns:)

Paddukoti:sure,come over at once,will make you some fresh hot pav bhaji:)

Bee:Thanks dear:)

Usha:Thanks dear.You know I think there is some kind of telepathy among us all because once you think of making a dish,you see it on some blog!:)

Sandeepa:oh no,not a super mom,just trying to please my picky little one!:)Thanks

KA:Yes,KA,as I said,telepathy!Thanks:)

Kanch:I love pav bhaji too.Nice party food too as you said.try it and let me know.:)

Sumitha:Welcome to my blog.Thanks dear!Makes me feel wonderful now:)

Sups:Thanks dear!I know,pav bhaji is the most favoured of chat foods..atlest for me:)

Hema:hmm,never thought of adding eggplant to bhaji but I think that will taste great too!and talk of coincidences,I think it is only our names that dont start with the same letter but we do share the same passion for cooking:)

Swapna:Thanks dear.I got a peek at your blog and left a comment too!:)

Shilpa:thank you so much for your sweet words dear!If you have all the materials, I always say that making bread is not more difficult than making chapathis!:)

Shival:Yes,making buns is very easy especially with this recipe.I have edited my post.I did not use the egg glaze,just brushed the hot buns with some soft butter,you can also use ghee.smells nice and keeps it soft too,not to say,gives a nice shine to the buns!Try it and let me know.How is Roopa?

trupti said...

Vini: you're quite the baker! I am so lazy I just buy them from the stores.....! Good Job! Have a great weekend.

Suma Gandlur said...

Wow. You made the buns too. They look so perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Vcuisine said...

Vini, home baked buns are really tasty as you said. Very nice recipe. Tks for sharing. Viji

Anonymous said...

great kinda stuff...i have a similar pav bhaji on the blog too...but the buns were not homemade...must try baking them at home..must taste devine...thanks for sharing...take care friend

Sushma said...

I always buy baked bun from outside..It would be so much fun to bake them at home ...thanxs Vini for sharing this lovely recipe... the pav bhaji and bun looks fabulous

sailaja said...

I always bought the pav and made the bhaji at home. Thanks so much for the link on how to make these buns. Nothing like home made buns!!

Must commend you Vini for making the buns and bhaji with a 3 yr old..:)

KitchenFairy said...

Great!Me too like PavBhaji,But I never tried the pavs at home,Here nice pavs are available.I posted PavBhaji in my blog too.But making Bhaji is little bit differnt..I will try urs .Thanks for Sharing

Mythreyee said...

This is one heavenly treat I always love to have. I visit Real Icecream in Santa clara atleast once a month to relish this Pav Bhaji. I have never attempted making buns. May be, I can give a try now. Thanks.

Deepz said...

Hi Vini,
Gr8 looking buns. I am amazed that you baked them at home. I usually buy mine from outside.

Anonymous said...

Hi vini,

U have a very nice blog. The pav you made was like our desi pav(not tto soft or not too hard)? or was it like american bun(expreemely soft). Pl. let me know and i want to try this weekend

Vini K said...

Trupti:Thanks dear.You too!

Suma:Thank you,dear.

Viji:You are always welcome!

Dilip Bhai:do try this one,really easy too.Got to take a look at your pav bhaji too:)

Sushma and Sailaja:I used to buy mine from outside too until I learnt how to make buns at home.No more buying now!:))Thanks for the sweet words Sailaja:)

Kitchen fairy:Welcome to my blog.Saw your recipe too.Thanks dear.

Mythreyee:You can make these at home now, need to visit Real Icecream anymore!try it.:)

Deepz:welcome to my blog dear!thanks.

Anon:Thanks for your words.The pav was very soft.A bit firmer than the american hot dog rolls type buns.Hope this helps you.Try and let me know!:)

Sharmi said...

I too make it the similar way and all love it at home. I had forgotten it for long time now.
thanks for reminding.


Menu Today said...

Hi Vini,
Past 3 days Just seeing your pavs.
Simply great!!! Thanks for sharing.

Coffee said...

I have eaten this back in bbay atleast 5 times!!!!! and now again here also!!!!! I am craving for more!!!!!!! :D

I liked the idea of making bread at home!! :) Will be doing that next time. :)

Jyothsna said...

You baked those pavs!!!!!!!!! WOW!! They look just so perfect! :) I always buy the pavs, only make the bhaji at home. I'm going to visit this page again and again to see those pavs, can't take my eyes off them!

Sia's corner said...

happy ugadi to u n ur family vini:)

Hyderabadiz said...

Happy Ugadi to all....
check this out:
From the team of Hyderabadizzz

Sia's corner said...

taking break vini?

trupti said...

How are you Vini...hope all is well...


Pritya said...

Dear Vini, I read this recipe at 11.55 A.M. when the hunger pangs had just hit me and looking at this made my mouth really water :). The picture looks excellent - home made - incredible! Glad to know that they are brushed with butter or ghee. I like to add finely diced capsicum in Pav Bhaji. This dish is an absolute success at any party and so filling as well.

Anjali said...

hey Vini how are you feelin now. Pav bhaji made spicy will melt your sinusitis away.

sudha said...

Hi,I am Sudha,I was searching for recipes to prepare buns at home and stumbled upon your site.I tried to do exactly (buns with coconut filling inside)but they did not turn out good at all ,was very disappointed .The bun in your picture looks very soft but mine was not as soft as we get from the stores.Tell me what should I do to correct that.Thanks

Purnima said...

Hi Vini,
Loved ur pav recipe absolutely and with some modifications, came out good..thks for sharing these cute buns!!!