March 06, 2007


Photo courtesy:Sandeepa of Bong Cook Book

I respect the printed word.More than that,I respect the brain behind it.and by that I mean the one who has actually created it,not the one who copies it.That is why I was so shocked when
I read about Yahoo's content theft from Suryagayathri's blog.I also applaud Inji pennu for organising this protest.I am also active on another forum where me and a few other members were victims of plagiarism.Fortunately,the technical staff over there immediately took note of our complaints and the plagiarising member was barred from the forums.When small websites can do that,why not Yahoo?Why should they not apologise for a mistake committed?

Plagiarism is indeed a very annoying plague that eats away at creativity.Yahoo,you being the big corporation here,why don't you set an example by apologising?You will only gain more respect from us if you do that.

We bloggers blog our of our own interests, but that does not mean that you can just lift content from us without so much as an acknowledgement of the source!We put in a lot of effort to write up our posts and put on pictures.Ours is a labour of love.Please respect that.and acknowledge us.That is all we ask,apart from an apology to Suryagayathri and other bloggers from whom content has been stolen.


Sandeepa said...

Ver well written post Vini, sorry for the PC crashing out yesterday

Inji Pennu said...

thanks Vini:)
the date doest matter much, dont worry! Shaming them is all that matters!

Anonymous said...


You have written a nice post about Plagiarism.

I fully support all of you who are protesting this Plagiarism. Time has come for everyone to Unite and Protest about these things. Yahoo and others should realize that they can't get away doing what ever they want.
I hope some Newspapers also cover this event.

Wishing you all the best


Vini K said...

Sandeepa,Inji,Thanks.Let us hope something productive comes out of this.

Sarada,thank you.I will soon be writing an article for the members over the other forum.I am hoping newspapers have covered this event.