December 30, 2006

Tagged By Trupti

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a nice time with the holidays and celebrations and lots of cooking and dining!We are just enjoying our little princess's antics these holidays as the weather is a little too erratic here in London.She has learnt rhymes,and songs from all the programmes she watches on BBC.They have excellent programmes for pre-schoolers,for which I am sooo thankful(I would not have known what I would have done without all those interesting songs,rhymes and crafts that they show to keep the kids engrossed).

Well friends,I got tagged bythe wonderful mom of Siddharth and Sahil, Trupti for a Meme,so here is My Meme:

3 Things that scare me:

1.Scorpions and all eight/more legged creatures.

2.The flowerpots burst on diwali(for those who donot know:These are cone shaped filled crackers with a wick on the pointed top part which is lit and it bursts into a thousand bright stars):(I once burnt my hand on diwali with this).

3.The thought that I cannot have a routine for myself.

3 people who make me laugh:

1.My younger sister Prashanti(She always has the right joke to narrate at the right time)

2.My daughter Ananya who imitates everything I do,including the way I dry my long hair.

3.Veteran Hindi actor Mehmood.

3 Things I love:


2.Reading(I am now forbidden to read Anything as long as my daughter is awake:She wants to read,that's why!!).


3 Things I hate:

1.Double standards.



3 Things I don't understand:

1.The first one has to be MATHS,of course.

2.All things technical in nature.

3.Why God takes away good natured people when this world needs so much of them now?

3 Things on my desk:

1.My daughter's favourite DVDs so I can pop one into the DVD player when the demand arises:)).

2.My little diary in which I jot down my notes.

3.My Laptop(indispensable esp when blogging:))

3 Things I am doing right now:

1.Well,writing this meme.

2.Thinking of where to take my daughter out for the weekend.

3.Thinking,OMG,it is already 12.45 pm ,what am I going to do for lunch?

3 Things I want to do before I die:

1.Accomplish my dream of acquiring a Ph.D degree.

2.Learn Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.

3.See my daughter when she is all grown up and tell her about all the places she visited when she was a baby.

3 Things I can do:

1.Understand a little bit of computers(Hurray!Never thought I could make it this far!)

2.Make my way searching for exactly what I want,be it some information I want,or some place I want to visit.

3.I can cook, and bake and now,decorate too(without any formal training!)

3 Things one should listen to:

1.Your inner self.

2.Announcements in railway stations.

3.Kumar Gandharva's excellent vocal Hindustani music.

3 Things I would never want to listen to:

1.My daughter saying "NO" to every thing that I offer for her lunch/dinner.

2.Gossip:Telling one friend on another.

3.Always complaining that one doesn't have enough.

3 Favourite foods:

1.Mysorepak(My grandma makes excellent mysorepak)

2.Dahi wada(Lentil dumplings soaked in seasoned yogurt)

3.Anything made with Chocolate

3 beverages I drink regularly:


2.Soy Milk


3 TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid:

1.Enid Blyton's Fairy tales(Still love it)

2.The wonderful "Lucy Show" that aired on Doordarshan on wednesdays at 9.00pm,I think....(In the early 80's)

3.Mahabharat(My dad gave us excercise books in which to write what we thought of the weekend episode of Mahabharat)

3 of my dearest friends whom I would like to tag for this meme:




Meme was fun,but so many things to say and such little space.Well,that's how life always is,isn't it?So much to accomplish and so little time to do that.

I hope you all have fun writing this too.Wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

Added:I tagged Asha but found later that she had tagged me too and she has written her meme already.So I would like to tag another great blogger friend,our very own Dilipji of Garam masala.


Trupti said...

So nice to know about you, Vini! May all your hopes and dreams come true, and I really liked what you said about listening to our inner selves. Have a great weekend!


Vini K said...

Thanks,Trupti.You too have a great time with your young heroes..(Hugs and smiles).

swapna said...

hai vini
i am waiting for ur meme's since i have visited asha's blog nice to see all these things.thanks for tagging me..
happy new year to u ..may god blessu..i hope all ur wishes come true...inthe oming new year,,,all the best...

Asha said...

Hi ViniK! Nice to read your MeMe!I tagged you and you tagged me,we go in circles!:D Great start and I will tag Pooja too!

Happy New Year!

Coffee said...

Hi Vini, here for the first time.... enjoyed reading your meme and seeing your recipes as well :) I am blogrolling you :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Vini...are you sure you want to know about me...~grin~...okay will write the Meme...thanks dear friend...have a great new year you and your family okay...lots of sweet wishes from Jyostna and myself...peace..

Vini K said...

Hi Swapna,thanks my dear.

Hi Asha,isn't that great that you taged me and I tagged you?The world truly is ROUND!!

Hi Coffee,nice to see you here.Blogrolled you too today.Keep in touch,dear.

Hello Dilipji,it has been great meeting all of you through the world wide web.and it would be nice to see more about you,so please do write your meme...Thank you and Jyotsna for all the wishes.:))

sra said...

Hi Vini, nice meme to read, happy new year!

SeeC said...

That was an excellent read.
Cute one too.
Wish all you wish come true :)