December 07, 2006


There are some things we can never forget.In my list of unforgettable things is this simple sweet which we used to buy in shops near temples in Andhra when we were very young. I can never forget the taste of the roasted coconut chips coated with jaggery.

Thanks to JFI-Jaggery,I managed to re-create this simple but classic sweet at home today.So here is how I made it:

Ingredients:1 big coconut

2 cups of grated jaggery

1 tsp green cardamom/elaichi powder

Method:Break open the coconut,and then carefully take it out of the shell.Now peel off the brown layer on the coconut and slice it into very thin chips,about 1 mm thin and 1 inch long.If you cannot take the coconut out of the shell intact then don't bother too much as the taste of this sweet lies in toasting it.

Preheat the oven to 325F and spread the chips on baking trays.I used trays lined with parchment paper.Put these chips in the oven for about 30 mins,until they turn a nice light brown and smell toasted.

Melt the Jaggery with 1/4 cup of water.Pass it through a strainer once to remove any impurities.Then put it back on heat again and keep boiling until it crosses the soft ball stage.

Now,I don't have a sugar thermometer and here is what I did:I took a bowl of cold water, and then put a small amount(maybe some drops) of the melted jaggery into the cold water.Then I tried to scoop it up with my fingers.The jaggery held shape and was soft and could be moulded.This is when I took it off the heat.

Now add the toasted and cooled coconut chips into the jaggery and mix well.Immediately,put it into a greased tray or tin and let cool.

Break into pieces when cooled and store.

My Notes: The yeild of the coconut chips will be dependant on the size of the coconut and this will in turn decide how much jaggery is enough for it.I measured the amount of coconut chips I got ,which was 2.5 cups(standard measuring cups).The jaggery used was according to that.If you have less than this amount,reduce the jaggery a little.
Bottomline:Make sure you have enough jaggery to coat all the pieces and hold them together once you pour them into a greased plate or tray.Too much jaggery will not be good as you want to taste the toasted coconut chips with just a little sweetness.

This is a good sweet to nibble upon when you crave that odd mid-morning snack or even a mid-afternoon snack.

I originally wanted to send this one for JFI Jaggery but could not,due to problems with uploading photos to blogger.Anyway,I hope you all enjoy this one too as much as you enjoy the other ,wonderful and diverse entries sent in.

UPDATE:Well friends,the gracious Kay agreed to accept my second entry for JFI Jaggery,so this is going to be my second entry to JFI.Thanks a lot,Kay!

Added on 18 Dec 2006:I have decided to send this to VKN,who is inviting recipes for the FAHC Campaign.


Menu Today said...

We make this with grated coconut and make ladoo.We call it as kummarkat.Your version is nice. Thanks for sharing.

Vini K said...

Hi MT,yes,my grandmother taught me how to make laddo too.We also make it using grated coconut and jaggery.But this is a good change as toasting the chips gives it a nice flavour.:)

Pooja said...

Hi Vini,
this is a good chikki indeed. we make it with peanuts and daliya the same way.
pictures are great.
thanks for sharing

Vini K said...

Hi Pooja,thanks for visiting and the complements,dear.Do try this,it tastes very good.:)

Lakshmi said...

coconut Chikki Vini, yummy, sounds good to me.

Vini K said...

Lakshmi,it is yummy indeed.Do give it a try.:)

Trupti said...

That looks so nice! I think I would like this a lot.....I love coconuts!


Vini K said...

Hey Trupti,I am sure you would like this one.Try it.:)

USHA said...

Hi Vini,

This is something interesting sweet with jaggery, yes as MT says,,i heard about kammarakat.

Thanks for sharing the receipe

Asha said...

Using coconut slices is new to me. I will try this.Usually,I use grated coconut.

shilpa said...

We eat a lot of coconut, but never knew abt coconut chikki. I have tasted only peanut chikkis. Coconut chikkis look absolutely yumm :).

swapna said...

its looking so delicious.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vini...lovely lovely taste buds are jumping...great recipe yet simple stuff and i am sure it tastes great...

Hey have you heard about the FAHC project, visit my blog or My Dhaba for details, please contribute recipes...thanks...~smile~

Seema Bhat said...

man these chikkis look soo soo good ...i love chikkis and coconut man i love it so much wanna take a bite ...booo hoo i dont get good fresh coconut here ...can u pass me just one peice vini ;) will be very thankful hee hee
love it ..
Thanx a bunch

Linda said...

Thanks for the great description of how long to cook the jaggery!
I don't have candy thermometer either :) They look just delicious...