November 23, 2006


Today is also the birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba,apart from being Thanksgiving day.I wanted to prepare some sweet for naivedyam as well as for thanksgiving day.I came across Chandrika's Aval Laddoo, which looked very easy to make.

I did not add the coconut(forgot to add!!) .I also decided to make it low calorie by using artificial sweetener in place of sugar.The result is an extremely light and crunchy Laddoo.Thanks for sharing the recipe,Chandrika.


Asha said...

Thank you for trying and sharing that recipe ,my friend Vini:))

Have agreat day.

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,

Hope you had a nice day too today.It is almost bed time here.Thanks for the comment.

Praveena said...

I have been meaning to make this as well. Seems too easy to pass.

Vini, if you don't mind I would like to tell you something. Artifical sweetener is 10 times worse than real sugar. It is better for you use realy sugar and the chemically producted sweeteners. Have little google on the net for aspartime (or whatever was in your sweetener). Just thought I would let you know as it better you add a few calories rather than get the side effects of the stuff. Just thought I would let you know.

Vini K said...

Hey Praveen,Thanks for the information.I will surely do more research on this before I use it in any other recipe.I always thought that is is not safe to give to kids.But you never know!

Anyway,do give it a try.Real easy to make and nutritious too,with the nuts in it.We all have Chandrika to thank for!:-)

Sia's corner said...

hi vini,
never heard of poha laddu or may be i'm getting confused... will ask my mom... and yeah what praveena said about artificila sweetner seems to be true. i guess i have one article about it in my mailbox... will look for it and send u across...
tc dear...

Vini said...

Hey Sia,Good to hear from you!do send me the mail if you find it.I am trying to look on the web for more info regarding artificial sweeteners.

Poha laddo is sooo easy to make..Very quick recipe.I never heard it either until I came across the recipe in a telugu magazine.That recipe I did not like though, and continued my search until I found Chandrika's recipe.

Pooja said...

Dear Vini,
Thanks for your comment on my blog :) .
Its so nice to see you around me. :)
poha ladoo is somethig new for me, but as it is easy to make, i ll surely give it a try. :)
Well, suran week is over now ! and Next week is for Spinach & fenugreek. Even you can post your recipe on my blog, by being a part of the next week. I am sure a person like you will have so many good ideas with spinach or fenugreek.
thanks for being a good blog buddy for me. I am so glad to meet you here.
Stay tuned

Lakshmi said...

they look so nice Vini.
Have a nice weekend.

Vini said...

Pooja,great to have you around too,dear.

Lakshmi,ya,they taste great too.You have a nice weekend too.

Nidhi said...

Hey Vini!

Godd to know that it was Sai Baba's birthday on Thanksgiving day. I liked your ideal of adding artificial sweetner in place of sugar.

And ya...Please keep voting for me as I have reached at position 36 from 83 in my cooking contest.

Thanks, Nidhi.

USHA said...

Hi Vini,

This is my first visit,laddoo is temrting. Ya, even i was inspired by chandrika's preparation..

By reading yours,i get to know, it sh ould be easy too..need to try surely...

Seema Bhat said...

poha and laddus out of it seems interesting ...looks yummmm vini ...can i have some of them hee hee will definatley give it a try

Vini K said...

Hey Nidhi,good for you!I will keep voting for you.So good that you get a chance to stand in the competition.I wish I was in a place like that!

Hi Usha,welcome to my blog.It is very easy to prepare,that is why I could not resist the temptation of making it.

Hey Seema,How r u?Well,do you want me to send you some through courier?I will be more than happy!:D

swapna susarla said...


nice poha laddooo.vini i have a suggestion .....if u add coconut the laddoo wont be crispy and they won't stay for long.don't mind ok.i have told what ever i know.


Mythreyee said...

poha laddu. let me give it a try. I love sweets.

Shival said...


I can't believe you have posted so good recipes... Let me know, if Venkat falls short in appreciation to your food.. My stomach will not miss a chance to appreciate it.. When are you inviting us for dinner? :D.


Vini K said...

Hey Shival,Nice to see you here.How is Roopa doing?

As you know,doors are always open for you,so what are you waiting for?Just come on over.It will be nice to have you both over.Cheers.