November 03, 2006


I wanted to make something for Diwali this time.But my electric coil stove does not allow me to really do deep fried stuff easily.It takes very long for food to cook properly as well as brown at the same time.Finally,I borrowed a flat based,wide mouthed deep pan from my friend to make some murukkus.

Ingredients:1 cup Roasted Urad dal flour(Deskinned black gram dal)

3 cups rice flour

2 tbsp butter

1 teaspoon whole jeera(Cumin)

1 tbsp sesame seeds

3 teaspoons chilli powder(more if you like )

2 tsp salt

Oil to deep fry the murukku

Method: You need a murukku maker for this.If you have a cookie press,that works fine too.Infact,before I bought my murukku maker,I used my icing gun to make murukkus,although I must admit that was a tough task.

Roast the urad dal until pinkish in colour.Then,cool and grind to a fine powder.Mix this with the rice flour,salt,chilli powder,sesame seeds,jeera seeds.

Now add in the butter.This is important.Butter makes the murukku really light.Next,add enough water to make a tight dough.You may need about 3/4th cup.I did not measure the water-just eyeballed it guided by the consistency of the dough.

Keep the dough covered with a damp tea towel or paper towel.This is important as the dough tends to dry up otherwise.Heat oil in a deep pan.To test,drop a small piece of dough-it should come up immediately but not brown very quickly.

You will need a Murukku press for this.You can use a Cookie press too.

Fill a lime sized ball of the dough into the press.You need to use the disc with the single star for this.

Press out the murukkus into hot oil.Fry until golden brown.Take it out using a slotted spoon, and drain on paper towels.

When cool,store in air tight tins.This stays fresh for 15 days.

This dough is not pliable enough to make the round spiral shaped murukkus.It tends to break apart because it is made using flours.

I shall post another recipe which I use to make the spiral shaped murukku very soon.Until then enjoy this!


Anonymous said...

I love eating these with Masala tea! One of my favorite snacks! Thanks for the recipe.


Menu Today said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Murukku looks crispy. Thanks for sharing.

Lakshmi said...

murukulu looks good. nice snack.

Pavani said...

Hi Vini,
You have a great blog here with wonderful and easy cake recipes. Will keep visiting often. Please keep those recipes coming.

Anonymous said...

hi vini
murukku is my all time fav snak... will try ur recipe too n write abt it soon:)
happy blogging

Foodie's Hope said...

Love Chaklis, thanks for the recipe!!Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Please let me know if this is the traditional south indian style! I absoutely love south indian style murukku!!!!Also does one fry them in coconut oil or just any oil will do.

Vini K said...


Thanks for visiting.I use this recpe to make jantikalu which is also an andhra snack.People use various methods and various combnations to make murukku.Each region and each family has a different recpe,I guess.Ths turned out well for me the first time I made it after getting married.So I use this recipe.

You can fry in any ol.I use sunflower or vegetable oil.My MIL uses groundnut oil to fry these things in.You can also use coconut oil if it suts you.go ahead and enjoy!:-)

Seema said...

murukku urf chakkli is most of thiers fav snack and mine too ..i love eating this and belive me i can eat at least 7 to 8 at a time will never ever be able to resist this one ..
Thanks for posting the recipe and will try it out soon
Seema Bhat