January 26, 2007

Hello Friends

Hello Everyone,

Today is Republic Day!I wish I could watch all those parades that are shown on TV from Delhi.They used to be such enjoyable times when we would get laddoos and the day off from school!I wonder where all my school friends are now,haven't been in touch with them since I left school.But I am so glad to have many more friends now,more than I could ever imagine.Online and offline,I never had so many friends before.Thank you all for being my friends.

I have been busy all these days.My daughter's 3rd birthday is coming up and I am busy planning a party for her.Special thanks to dear Supriya for asking where I have gone!I will be able to post and visit you all only after Feb 4th,so please do bear with me.Thank you.

Take Care.


Nidhi said...

I'll be waiting for you and your wonderful posts :) Enjoy your daughter's 3rd birthday and wish her from my side as well.

Happy Republic Day to You too!

With Love,
Your online friend ;D

swapna said...

hi vini
i know u will be busy ...enjoy aneena's birthday..i am missing that very sad for that:-((
happy republic day...

Asha said...

Hey Vini!Don't worry about it,enjoy the B'day and come back when you are ready!:)

Sia's corner said...

hi vini,
have fun dear!!! please give ur little princess a kiss and hug on her b'day from me:) enjoy busy mama:)

Vini K said...

Nidhi,thank you dear!Will give her your wishes too!

Swapna,we miss you too..I wish you were here for Ananya's birthday this time!

Asha,thank you so much for your sweet words,dear.

Supriya,will give your kiss to her!Thank you dear!

indosungod said...

Vini, Happy Birthday to the little one. Make it a grand party!

Coffee said...

Happy birthday to the little one!!!! Have fun!!! andd come back with lots to blog about ;) :P

USHA said...

Hi vini,

Just convey my advance B'day wishes to kid...Enjoy the B'day party and come back with wonderful receipes.

TRS said...

HI Vini,
Have fun organizing your little daughter's party! will look forward for some treats from you....

Take care and many blessings for your daughter,


Anjali said...

Hi Vini read about your daughter's ceremony too. Have fun preparing for the party and do share the fun with us here.